Dr. Keith Special Offer for VIP clients


Want to know to locate, create and trade seasonal patterns? Take advantage of this intensive one-on-one individualized training experience plus Seasonal Indicator, Scanner, L. RSI (for TOS), and lifetime VIP support!

Dr. Keith Special Offer for VIP clients

Dr. Keith Wade has been analyzing seasonal patterns in the futures, Forex and stock markets Since 2006. Seasonal patterns consist of the strong prediction of financial instruments (Stocks, Futures, and Forex) to create predictable repetitive seasonal patterns. These price patterns repeat every day, week, month and year at the same time period.

These seasonal cycles will provide you with the tendency of a particular stock, future or Forex market to bottom or top, rally or fall at a certain predictable point in time. Trading seasonal patterns are slowly becoming known as one of the best tools to use to predict the direction of price on stocks, futures and Forex markets. Dr. Keith will teach you these specific seasonal patterns along with his unique method of technical analysis. The combination of the two will provide you with amazingly accurate trade entries.


Dr. Keith Special Offer for VIP clients’ package will include four (4), one-hour private sessions via GoToMeeting and the entire indicator package for TOS. This is your opportunity to learn a skill from the Master himself, that will revolutionize your trading methodology and lift you to the ranks of the professional traders.
Dr. Wade is a world-renowned leader in this field and has acted in the past as a consultant to many large trading institutions.

BONUS inclusions: Seasonal Indicator + Scanner + L. RSI +  lifetime VIP support!

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