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Dr. Keith Wade is a zealous entrepreneur and devoted business leader who shares a great passion for the niche of finance and trading. Born and raised in a small town near Northern Michigan, he learned the attributes of a strong work ethic and perseverance from the exemplary deeds of his father. Keith always had an incredible inclination towards business and finance and his thirst for professional career success enabled him to pursue his passion as a profession. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Finance and is a seasoned trader who encompasses a formidable blend of knowledge and understanding of trading futures, Forex, stocks, and exchange-traded funds.

Dr. Keith Wade had to grind his way up to professional career success and faced plenty of adversities of time. Belonging to a “Blue Collar” family, he dedicated years and years of his time serving the automotive industry alongside his dad. Keith worked 60+ hours a week in the quest for establishing his personal and professional life. Moving forward with an optimistic approach to life, he invested a major portion of his time and energy in the pursuit of success and prosperity. Faced with continuous failures and only little success, Keith direly craved an opportunity to unchain the shackles of tedium professional life. The lack of direction and uncertain future began downgrading his natural attributes of grit and diligence. In the midst of misfortunes and desolations, Keith’s fruitless endeavors, and unrewarding efforts inspired him to embark on a journey of discovering true and resolute professional direction.

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The quest for freedom and personal liberation reunited Keith with his timeless passion for business and finance and encouraged him to nurture a career in trading. He acquired a doctoral degree in finance and embarked on an unwavering road to professional career redemption. Equipped with
an arduous amalgam of strong analytical and methodical skills, Keith applied his innovative approach and creative mindset to establish a solid career as a trader. He had been directly involved with the world of trading since the year 2006 and had acquired a great deal of acclamation and recognition for his monetary excellence.

Serving the finance industry for a span of more than 12 years, Keith’s strongest suit is trading seasonality and applies his extensive knowledge of seasonality in every distinctive line of trade. Fascinated with the idea of the seasonal concept and extensive back-testing, he serves with an aim to create results that offer consistency and sustainability. He excels in the art of establishing solid risk parameters and dynamic trading strategies and is always on the lookout for enhancing his knowledge of new trading constraints. 

Dr. Keith Wade is a family-person who greatly cherishes spending time with his family and exploring the unexplored. Creating a better future for his family had always inspired him to strive for excellence and success. Having faced the hardships and struggles of life, Keith’s primary objective is to help young and aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen swim through the seas of uncertainties and discover a resolute professional career direction.  Motivated and inspired by the drive to strive for the enhancement in quality of life of his family and loved ones is Keith’s ultimate goal as a person and professional.

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